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It's a dogs life!
 Posted: 22nd June 2009

Graham Engineering and EPS have again provided a low cost, easy fit solution for our customer.

Our customer needed a flexible solution to label pouches of gravy product for dogs but needed a low cost solution and a machine that could be utilised elsewhere in the factory as demand allowed.

Enter the Graham Universal 128-40 Labeller. The Universal labeller comes on wheels and allows the application of labels on top apply or side apply. It truly is universal in its applications.

Graham Engineering and EPS have been partners to the Irish market since 1997 and have 100's of systems all over Ireland.

Blow Moulder gets a-headS!
 Posted: 22nd June 2009

Our customer looked no further than Graham Engineering and EPS for a solution to label poly bottles at high speed. The solution a 4 head Captain Labelling System that allows high speed but also can be configured to apply "flash" labels as required.

Graham Engineering have been leaders in label application for over 25 years and have 100's of labelling machines supplied and supported by EPS in Ireland since 1997.

Keeping baby safe!
 Posted: 22nd June 2009

Our customer needed to know their baby product was safe from interference but they had some technical issues. The product to be protected had a rectangular lid and production speeds reached 110 per minute, on continuous shift.

Step in Graham Engineering with a RF200 Sleeving Machine with special adaptation to create rectangular tamper-band sleeves. Built to order for the customer, the Graham Engineering solution is now working successfully in the Irish plant.

Since 1997, Graham Engineering and EPS have devised solutions for 100's of special applications in labelling and sleeving and done so whilst containing costs to a minimum.

4 Heads are better than 2!
 Posted: 22nd June 2009

Having originally supplied this contract packer with a 2 headed Universal Filling Machine in 2007, we were called back in as the customer needed to increase production on their pharma product.

We retro-fitted and upgraded the system to a fully automatic 4 head filling system at a much reduced cost over buying a new machine. Needless to say the customer was delighted and is now in full production.

EPS have partnered Universal Filling Machines since 1998 and have provided 100's of filling solutions to a diverse range of manufacturers all over Ireland since that time.

Big Pharma gets a Christmas present!
 Posted: 7th January 2009

One of Ireland's leading Pharmaceutical manufacturers has chosen Universal Filling  as their first choice for liquid fill.

From a predominantly tablet led manufacturing base, moving to liquid fill was a huge step for this major manufacturer, and they needed to know the system they chose was a reliable, high performing and easily maintained solution. They also needed to feel totally confident that the supplier had a solid history of success in this area.

That is why they chose Universal Filling from Engineered Packaging Systems.

EPS have delivered a P5000 5 litre semi-automatic machine this month, less than 3 weeks from order, to facilitate our customer, who was under pressure to have the system go into production immediately.

Dedicated engineers worked over the Christmas period to ensure our customer wasn't let down and the system is now in full operation.


Dale Farm Choose Grahams - Again!
 Posted: 7th January 2009

Dale Farm, Northern Ireland's premier fresh milk provider have again chosen Graham Labelling to handle the major throughput on their fresh product lines.

With the introduction of 3 High-Speed Labellers and a combination of 6 Universal Applicators, Dale Farm have shown further trust in the reliability of Graham Engineering.

Many of the Country's top Dairies are moving from Stretch Sleeve back to self adhesive labels for environmental and cost reasons.

Graham Labellers celebrated 25 years of Label Machine manufacture last year and many of the units manufactured in those early days are still in operation in Ireland today.

This latest order brings the number of Graham Labellers operating in Ireland to over 500, a true reflection on the quality, service and back-up provided by Graham Engineering and Engineered Packaging Systems, in Ireland

Safe hands
 Posted: 15th October 2007

EPS with our partners RCS have supplied a semi automatic filling machine to company who have been trying to fill a very corrosive product by hand.

We have built the machine with wetted PVDF parts and fitted fume extraction unit to reduce the exposure to  the operators during filling.

We have fitted a spare nozzle assembly for quick change over in products and gets rid of cross contamination issues.

Leading The way
 Posted: 25th October 2007

EPS leading the way in the Pharma sector.

We are delighted to be suppling two more Graham labelling systems in to the Pharma sector again this month.
These machines will increase this clients labeling machine number to 9 over the last 6 years.
Working directly with the customer we have developed these labeling systems to keep up with the high expectations required by this sector.

Labeling tablet boxes at high speed with a detect and eject system fitted for mis printed labels.

Twin head high speed labellers
 Posted: 15th October 2007

Eps in conjunction with Grahams have secure repeat orders for two twin head high speed top of pack label applicators.

Running at speeds of 40 m/m and 120 packs per minute we are placing both a in line print label using an ICE print head and applying a flash label on the second head.

These two machines will bring this to 8 twin heads supplied over the last 7 years to this customer.

Dairy opts for Grahams
 Posted: 28th June 2007

EPS have supplied a top of pack flash label applicator in conjunction with their captain labeller to a leading milk producer.Applying a three sided label at 120 bottles per minute and exiting to a flash labeller on a shrink product.

Blow moulder opts for inline sleeving
 Posted: 25th April 2007
An Irish based bottle manufacturer opts for a RF Sleeving systems for sleeving inline from their blow moulding  machine.

Speeds of 60 bottles per minute using two radiant heat tunnels

Turnkey Provider
 Posted: 24th April 2007
A new contract packer has used EPS to supply a complete filling,Capping and labelling line for their mouth wash product.

Running up to 20 bottles per minute we have supplied an Posimatic EV with a twin headed MK3 with a Posicap capping head.Using a front and back label applicator we have offered a complete line solution and taken ownership of the  project from conception to installation.

We have supplied all of the of line equipment case sealers,coders,turn tables to further assist our client.

St.Brendan's Cream Liquer opts for EPS
 Posted: 28th March 2007
St.Brendan's Cream Liquer, part of the Kerry Group, chose EPS over some stiff competition to supply, install and commission a new Cam Robot Palletiser and Stretchwrapping system in their plant in Derry, N.Ireland. Supplied with a host of roller conveyoring and accessories the system was fully installed by EPS engineers from our Dublin office. Programmed to receive an infinite number of collations, the EPS palletizing system from Tiemme in Italy, gives St.Brendan's great versatility and a multitude of options when designing their pallet configurations. 

Penn choose Graham's & EPS
 Posted: 28th March 2007

Penn Racquets, the internationally renowned manufacturers of Tennis Balls have taken delivery of a Graham's VF Shrink Sleeving System. Designed to apply and shrink a 280mm long sleeve, the Graham's VF System is capabable of reaching speeds of 70 containers per minute. The sleeves will be shrunk in a Graham's Steam Tunnel allowing an extremely high quality shrink. The VF Sleever is installed and commissioned by EPS, who offer full technical support from our offices in Dublin.  

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